Game Score Entry & Scoresheets

At the end of each game, a member of the local team must update the game scores via the CHL game portal. Failure to report scores and/or suspensions within 48 hours of the game will result in a $10.00 fine levied against the HOME team. There is a document on how to enter game scores that can be found on CHL website ( in the documents section.

In addition, at the end of each game, the home team must send the score sheet electronically to within 48 hours of the game. The title of the email should state Level-Division and game number. i.e., M18A-1000

Teams can scan it or take a picture (must be legible) of the white copy of the sheet. The team that does not send the game sheet will be fined $10.00. This rule also applies to exhibition games when there are suspensions.

Note: Teams will keep copies of white and green scoresheets. The league will no longer collect these sheets, but it is required to retain the copies until the end of the season in case they need to refer to them.

To ensure consistent results and efficient processing of score sheets, it is essential that these guidelines are followed to the letter.